Wild about Drefseryd: Let´s hang out in nature! Experience the swedish landscape – fields, pasture and forrest and meet our farm animals. The tour will take appr 30 minutes.

Prize incl VAT: 150 SEK/person

Farmer for a day: It´s impossible to learn how to be farmer in only one day. But you can have a great time trying. During appr 3 hours we will feed animals, do some fencing, groom a horse, pet a sheep, collect eggs, pet rabbits and drive a tractor.

This is an outdoor activity and we will be visiting the barn, the workshop and paddocks. Clean, comfortable clothes and shoes/boot are preferred. Gloves if you want. Farmer for a day will take appr 3 hours and of course we will have time for traditional 11 0´clock coffe (11-fika). We want you to make the most of your farmer experience so we will accept max 4 participants per session.

Price incl VAT: 500 SEK/person

Rent a farmer/Farmer in the city: If you can´t come to us the farm can visit you. Our farmer would be happy to take a few of the smaller animals to town and give you and your friends an exclusive experience with for example horses, sheep, chickens and rabbits. We need a place to stand and the rest we will handle.

Price incl VAT: 500 SEK/hour

Drefseryd de luxe: Customizedtour for you. Meet and pet animals, drive tractor or just learning what it´s like to be a swedish farmer. Your choice. Max 4 participants per session.

Price incl VAT: 750 SEK/person

Place for motorhome/tent: If you prefer a quiet place in the country side instead of a ordinary camping or if you feel better to sleep in tent with people not far away this is the perfect place. Not far away from E4, close to Gränna and other tourist destinations and still in a rural area surrounded by fairy like forrests. Guided farm tour and fresh breakfast eggs are included.

Price incl VAT: 500 SEK/day

For more information and booking please use the following form or send us a mail/text: 070-493 99 06.